How We Think

We view design as a process of exploration and discovery fueled by limitless thinking.

Our design research and development teams have learned that we must test, tinker, build and break things to make them better the next time. That’s why research is key to our design practice. It’s a platform for us to experiment, to improve, and to deliver the extraordinary.


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The HKS Lab

The HKS Lab is a dedicated space on the seventh floor of our Dallas headquarters devoted to exploring, generating ideas, and advancing design through research. The Lab is a place where design teams, clients, industry professionals and academic partners converge. Together, we connect systematic inquiry with creative thinking, adapting a think-make-test framework.

The Latest From Our Lab
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How Do We Test the Limits of What Design Can Do?

We’re looking to raise expectations about how research improves design. Research enables us to create environments based on the best possible insight. It assures our clients that scientific knowledge informs our design decisions. Informed intent and meaningful, measurable impact are foundations for our responsible design approach.

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Dr. Upali Nanda[email protected]+1 832 729 7652

Our environments influence our perceptions, blending social, ecological and technological phenomena to encourage a conversation with the world we inhabit.

Heath May

Director of LINE




Can Design Data & Emerging Technology Lead to Innovation?

LINE, the Laboratory for Intensive Exploration, is an HKS design research team that focuses on the intersection between emerging technologies and architectural methodologies. LINE seeks to elevate modes of architectural production through intensive explorations in systems, materials, processes and tool sets.

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Citizen HKS

How Can Our Work Improve the World?

Citizen HKS aims to improve communities in need by leveraging design, community service and financial philanthropy. Our firm’s impact initiative, Citizen HKS is a global platform for socially responsible engagement. Through our work, we aim to improve lives and drive change for communities in need.

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Creating spaces that bring joy, comfort and positive connection to underserved communities has deepened my own relationship with design.

Lisa Adams


Interior Designer



Being & Designing WELL

Design can improve how people perceive their own well-being, and it can also promote better health. We harness the profound impact of the natural environment to improve well-being. Our goal is to create sustainable environments that are good for the earth and good for people, regenerating and elevating the body and spirit.

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