Salt Lake City

HKS Salt Lake City is a full-service studio supported by the resources and expertise of a global network of designers. Those designers empower us to produce high-end custom projects while maintaining the intimacy of a local firm. For decades, we have thoughtfully served communities and clients in Utah through projects as diverse as the state itself, building a portfolio of varied projects such as the Eccles Theater, Montage Deer Valley Resort and McKay-Dee Hospital. Our roots in Salt Lake City run deep and the region’s pristine original beauty inspires us to preserve our natural resources through a responsible design philosophy that focuses on health, sustainability and well-being.

    Global Expertise Invested in Our Salt Lake City Community

    Designing sustainably requires a holistic, integrated process that includes all project stakeholders. The result is high performance design that doesn’t escalate construction costs significantly, while benefiting building’s operational efficiency and costs while protecting the environment.
    Emir Tursic
    Office Director