Advisory Services

We place our clients on an optimal course to be successful. Our subject matter experts follow a data-driven approach with a business focus to facilitate the decision-making process. Our advisory services team includes strategists, nurses, architects, planners, financial analysts and industrial engineers. Together, we provide senior leadership teams with the wisdom and context to implement their ideas.

Meet Our Advisory Services Team

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How Design Thinking Can Help Manage Risk, Spur Recovery, Build Resilience and Inspire Reinvention in a Post-COVID World


Frank Kittredge, Director of Advisory Services

Our advisors offer interdisciplinary insights to realize your objectives through design.


Optimizing the Outpatient Environment

Case Study

ProMedica Health and Wellness


HKS' Upali Nanda and Frank Kittredge Write in U.S. News & World Report That Hospitals Must Design for Flexibility and Resilience