Leisure & Hospitality Advisory

We live in an increasingly complex world where rapid change is challenging the way we live, work, travel and play. The Leisure & Hospitality team within our Advisory Services group combines years of international experience with a voracious appetite for knowledge and perspective, which allows us to help our clients navigate through this era of unprecedented change.

Our team has deep expertise in market trends, strategy, operations and finance, thus providing the support our clients need to make informed decisions.

Working closely with our design colleagues, we holistically approach every project with the goal of achieving the critical sweet spot that balances the physical context, the client’s vision and evolving market characteristics, with the scheme’s economic potential.

Physical Context 
Does the scheme fit the site? Early in the development process it is essential to evaluate the match between the project site’s characteristics with the proposed concept and development vision. Will the topography present a challenge or marketable opportunities? Is the site readily accessible? Will it comply with the zoning framework? Through a collaborative process with out team of land planners and architects, we can ‘test fit’ development proposals against the physical parameters of your site. 

What is the vision? Every great project begins with a concept or development vision to reach a desired objective. Though the vision is there to be tested, challenged, and fine-tuned, ultimately, it must drive the entire strategic planning process.

A clear understanding of the supply and demand conditions is critical to properly assessing the investment and operational risks and rewards associated with any proposed project.

Will the project stack-up economically? To determine this, we must “run the numbers”. This requires modeling the estimated financial performance of the project, that is the “money in” (revenues), the “money out” (operating expenses) and the resulting operating profits versus the development costs needed to realize the vision.

Sweet Spot
For a project to achieve its full, long-term, potential and be considered a success by all the stakeholders involved, it needs to hit a “sweet spot”, where it complies with the original development vision, physically works on the project site, appeals to the intended markets, and stacks-up economically. The goal for every Advisory Services project is to enable this to happen, all within the context of our ever-changing world.

As your unbiased advisor, our only motivation is to ensure our client’s success. We gather, review and synthesize market intelligence to answer the following questions:

Concept Development
Evolve a concept that will resonatewith the target market

Market Studies
Deep and broad research, synthesized and applied to your unique vision

Visitor Profiles
Work with our team of anthropologists andenvironmental psychologists to develop visitor profiles and activity maps for your project

Financial Feasibility
Run the numbers through customized financial models to right-size investment reduce risk and increase returns.

Land Deal Options & Solicitation Support
Assist with the preparation of solicitation requests or associated proposal, evaluate potential land deal structures and returns.