HKS has long been an active member of the Raleigh community, and when we launched our local office in 2022 we partnered with Raleigh native Lynn Dunn to lead our team. We offer the Raleigh community a local portal to a global network of award-winning designers. Our design research into topics including the future of Life Science, health and well-being of students, and the current drivers behind mixed-use residential development mean that our clients rest assured that our future-focused designs are rooted in industry-leading insights.

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Our award-winning research offers clients insights into how to harness design innovation.


Breathing Easier, By Design

Resilient design for education strives to create environments for learning experiences to support careers that don’t yet exist.


SoFi Stadium: An Ecosystem Fit for a Super Bowl Ring


Design for Water: Sustainable Strategies Benefit Virginia Military Institute’s Cadets and the Local Community

The human experience lies at the heart of all we do. From designing spaces and experiences to cultivating community and organizational culture. Aligning leadership vision and end user needs ensures our solutions generate meaningful impact.


Diversity & Inclusion


HKS Living Labs: A New Initiative