Increasingly, people are moving from rural areas to cities in search of the twin goals of better economic opportunities and enriched lifestyles. At HKS we seek to be at the forefront of this shift by designing mixed-use developments that serve the myriad needs of these fast-growing cities, from multi-family, high-rise housing with luxury amenities to walkable neighborhoods that feature retail, commercial and open spaces. We want to create experience-rich, socially-dynamic communities that bring people together to work, play and thrive in exciting, 21st century environments. That creates better business opportunities for our clients and better communities for us all.

Meet Our Mixed-Use Team

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Case Study

Storey Park


Michael Nicolaus, Director of Commercial and Residential Mixed-Use

We think of mixed-use in terms of three scales: buildings, blocks and neighborhoods.

Case Study

UCSD North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood


Reside Mumbai Competition: Housing for Equity and Well-Being

Good design should create value around all of our client’s goals.


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