Case Study

BasePoint Academy Stigma-Free Outpatient Psychiatric Services Designed for Success

Arlington & McKinney, TX, USA

The Challenge

Responding to an increase in demand for mental/behavioral health services, BasePoint has developed a unique outpatient program geared toward in-school adolescents to help them navigate a variety of mental and behavioral health issues. With a strong belief that good design leads to positive outcomes, BasePoint hired HKS to develop a prototype design for their services that could be replicated quickly and cost effectively.

The Design Solution

The design is geared toward adolescents. Every space has a unique color for wayfinding and variety. Custom doorway graphics for the group therapy rooms incorporate BasePoint’s values (respect, integrity, compassion, commitment, innovation, collaboration) to reinforce their message and distinguish spaces. Bright, vibrant colors were used in furnishings, which can be moved around for flexibility and various functions.

The design is based on a flexible prototype model that allows the client to adapt to different markets with speed and efficiency depending on the demands of each marketplace. This prototype design can fit within readily available commercial retail spaces, and it is scalable to fit small markets to the largest markets they serve.

Staff spaces are BasePoint’s top concern as they believe happy, quality staff leads to better outcomes. Many facilities currently in the market are drab and dreary with few, if any, staff amenities. BasePoint Academy features large, spacious offices and staff lounges designed for comfort and flexibility.

The Design Impact

The Arlington and McKinney locations opened at full capacity, and BasePoint is already planning for expansion into new markets. BasePoint’s exceptional therapeutic program is having great results – their patient outcomes and new referrals are remarkable. They have drastically lower readmission rates than their competitors, and they believe the environment has been a huge contributing factor.

Since the new sites have opened, BasePoint has had no trouble hiring top-notch staff.

Project Features

  • Intensive outpatient therapy
  • Partial hospitalization
  • TMS therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Classroom spaces