Mount Sinai Beth Israel Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center
Case Study

Mount Sinai Beth Israel Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center First Health Center in New York to Collocate all Behavioral Health Services Under One Roof

New York, NY, USA

The Challenge

HKS designers were tasked with facilitating an adaptive reuse of a 134-year-old building to meet current state and health codes, a way to serve patients needing behavioral health services and maximize beds with a challenging structural grid and limited footprint. In addition, the team needed to design interiors that would provide a calming and comfortable environment, while maintaining patient safety with privacy, dignity and respect. Another priority for the center was maximizing views and access to the community park and courtyard garden.

The Design Solution

Mount Sinai Beth Israel Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center will be unique in New York State for comprehensive behavioral health needs as one-stop solution, relocating different behavioral health programs from various Mount Sinai campuses under one roof. This project involves a complete renovation of a six-story, 134,125 square-foot (12,461 meters) building built in 1898. The overhaul includes new MEP infrastructure, complete rebuild of two egress stairs and new elevators to convert the existing building into the Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center. This center will be a state-of-the-art, community-oriented destination for behavioral health care. Services will include mental health, addictions, physical health, integrated outpatient services and social service needs. Visual access, cameras, security control, panic buttons were added to avoid elopements and for staff and patient safety.

The building has 131 total beds including 64 inpatient psychiatric beds on two floors, 51 detox and rehabilitation beds, eight extended observation beds, and eight crisis and respite beds. Outpatient units include a Partial Hospitalization Program- Intensive Outpatient Program, Psychiatric Outpatient Services for Adults, Addiction/ Detox Clinic, Central Intake, Primary Care, Administrative Support, Faculty Practice/Research and amenities for neighboring communities.

The Design Impact

Mount Sinai Beth Israel Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center will provide patient-centered safe and clinically appropriate environment, fostering trust between care provider and patients. Also, this project includes an exterior design that will maintain contextual integrity and an interior design that will help aid the healing process.

Project Features

  • 134,125 square-feet (12,461 meters)
  • New MEP infrastructure
  • 131 total beds
  • 8 extended observation beds
  • 8 crisis and respite beds
  • 51 detox and rehabilitation beds
  • 64 inpatient psychiatric beds
  • Partial Hospitalization Program- Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Psychiatric Outpatient Services for Adults
  • Addiction/ Detox Clinic
  • Central Intake, Primary Care
  • Administrative Support
  • Faculty Practice/Research
  • Amenities for neighboring communities