Case Study

Sunbay Park Condotel Discovering Tranquility in Vietnam’s Hidden Paradise

Ninh Thuan, Vietnam

The Challenge

The Ninh Thuan province, is a hidden gem in the middle of Central Vietnam. It is famous for white-sand beaches, vast gardens of table grapes, onions and hot peppers. The province also has a large population of the Cham ethnic minority people.

To design a contemporary hospitality experience rooted in this rich history and culture created a design challenge that required significant research about local materials and references, testing ideas and engaging with the local stakeholders.

There is an emerging trend in Asian hospitality that shows an increase of properties that sell individual units in the real estate market and operate as either hotels or else are branded by hospitality operators. These are often referred to as condotels, hotel branded residences and hospitality-led real estate.

For this project, the HKS design team and our client decided to explore this condotel building concept and complement it with family friendly entertainment opportunities.

The Design Solution

After understanding the context and several workshops and brainstorming sessions, the design team developed narratives that governed the design of each of the unit types. For the Suite, the Inspiration is the form and landscape of Chua Mountain National Park, also located in the Ninh Thuan province. The material palette for the finishes, furnishings, fittings and artwork helped design a bespoke experience reminiscent of the site’s natural heritage. The design of the Executive Suite has its origins in the fishing nets and local crafts along the Binh Tien Coast.

The Presidential Suite draws parallels from the shells and pearls found in the region’s Rai Otto Caves. Thus, each unit type of the Condotel tells a unique story, of various experiences and landforms within the region, exciting the senses and beckoning the residents to explore the province beyond the boundaries of the Condotel.

To meet the entertainment aspect of the project, designers included amenities such as a large water park, a casino and a shopping center to ensure that it appeals to a wide user group and is a family friendly integrated resort.

The Design Impact

With all of its amenities, the Sunbay Park Condotel will become an entertainment and hospitality hub for the region when it opens. Tourists and residents, alike, will get the opportunity to experience a place that offers an international hospitality environment without compromising on the aspects distinctive to the site’s regional environment. In addition, it will benefit the local economy providing employment and investment opportunities for both visitors and local residents.

Project Features

  • 1000 units
  • Studio rooms
  • Suites
  • Executive suites
  • Presidential suites
  • Water park
  • Casino
  • Shopping Center