Case Study

Fortis Healthcare Multi-Specialty Hospital Retrofitting a Commercial Building Into a Modern Health Care Facility

Chennai, India

The Challenge

Retrofit an existing nine-story office building to include cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, orthopedics, otorhinolaryngology and oncology services. Limited headroom posed a challenge when accommodating heavy-duty medical equipment and air conditioning systems, and the existing footprint created hurdles for emergency vehicle arrivals.

The Design Solution

The stacking program was inverted by taking surgery to the top floor. That enabled our designers to place the air conditioning units on the roof with minimal disturbance to the existing structure. Elevator shafts were moved to the building’s exterior, contributing to the aesthetics. The building incorporates architectural elements that are reflective of the rich heritage of the region, and interior spaces use illustrations of Indian medicinal plants as wayfinding elements.

The Design Impact

The design creates a comfortable healing environment for patients and staff. Spatial organization emphasizes operational efficiency and circulation, maximizing profitability for Fortis Healthcare.

Project Features

  • 160,000 square feet (14,864 sm)
  • 250-beds
  • Multi-specialty hospital
  • Administrative offices