HKS Hospitality Interiors Becomes ROAM

Today’s announcement of the launch of ROAM Interior Design, a new independently operated luxury design firm, is the result of extensive planning and research by a veteran team of designers. We at HKS look forward to continued collaboration with ROAM as it takes luxury design to new heights. Below is a release from ROAM about its new venture.

DALLAS, TX [November 8, 2023] – Today we proudly announce the launch of ROAM Interior Design, a new independently operated luxury design firm with specialization in hospitality and residential categories. Previously known as HKS Hospitality Interiors, ROAM will be led by design veterans Mary Alice Palmer and Olga Acosta. They will be ably supported by an award-winning team of interior designers and interior architects underscored by a well-established international portfolio, including Auberge Resorts Bishop’s Lodge in New Mexico and Esperanza Los Cabos. As a newly established maverick interior design firm, ROAM may now more freely showcase its work and operate independently with external partners, expanding the firm’s reach within the highly competitive landscape. 

“The ability to establish ROAM as an independent practice is a pivotal moment for our team, allowing the opportunity to bring on new, exciting projects with the added flexibility of working with independent brands, owners and architectural partners,” said Mary Alice Palmer, Global Creative Director and Founding Principal at ROAM. “We look forward to continued collaboration with HKS, pushing each other’s project boundaries through innovation and curiosity to achieve extraordinary results for our clients, while allowing ROAM to freely compete and establish its own identity within the highly specialized industry.”

ROAM’s name is conceived from its story of discovery, journeys and place – that a life well-lived is one of insatiable curiosity that finds inspiration and creativity through exploration. With this story, ROAM crafts its narratives through immersive, multifaceted spaces that evoke a sensory-driven experience, eliciting a sense of luxury with the freedom to relax without a timeline in surroundings that exceed expectations. The firm’s distinguished design team does not fear “jumping into the abyss,” Palmer said, which allows their instinctual creative direction and innovation to lead them in their projects. With a natural focus on creating spaces that promote a human-centric experience rooted in well-being, the ROAM team has already established itself as an organic leader in hospitality, focusing on a collective mindset that allows the creation of something that transcends the individual.

“We look forward to continuing to lead with our deeply held ideals of empathetic listening and collaboration as we take on exciting new projects,” said Olga Acosta, Global Practice Manager and Principal at ROAM. “I believe the establishment of ROAM will open doors to interesting new clients, opportunities and talent across the globe, and I look forward to leading that charge alongside Mary Alice and our expert team.”

ROAM Interiors will operate in Dallas and London with plans to expand to additional international regions in the future. The firm will continue to collaborate with HKS and directly with hospitality owners, brands, operators, developers and architectural partners globally, offering a menu of services including interior design and interior architecture, branding, product design, creative direction, strategy, art and accessory curation, and F&B concept development. 

The formal launch of ROAM Interior Design will take place on November 8th in New York marking the beginning of a new era for luxury design in the hospitality and residential sectors.

For more information on ROAM, please visit our website and follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.