2018 HKS Design Fellowship Midwest: A Resilient Makerspace for Chicago

The HKS Design Fellowship is an annual design exercise that brings together creatives from across HKS to explore big ideas and stimulate new thinking. Our goal is to cultivate emerging design talent as we enrich the quality of design at HKS. We connect students, emerging design professionals and community leaders in conversation around real-world conditions that could benefit from design and creative dialogue.

This year, unique design fellowships will be hosted by the HKS offices in Chicago (Midwest DF), Washington, D.C. (Mid-Atlantic DF) and Orlando (Southeast DF).

In 2017, HKS Chicago moved into a new office, which we think of as a Living Lab. It’s a studio that reflects our core design beliefs, one of which is a commitment to resilience and well-being. Building upon that spirit, we will partner with Illinois Green Alliance to host the 2018 HKS Midwest Design Fellowship.

The program for this year’s HKS Design Fellowship Midwest will center on creating conceptual designs for a new makerspace and collaborative green hub for Chicago. This new place will provide a location for people to gather, share and build ideas. We’ll incorporate both educational and community spaces into our proposals. Our hope is that with our conceptual designs in hand, Illinois Green Alliance may inspire investment in this proposed new space.