COVID-19 Conversions: How to Turn Hotels into Hospitals

  • Jason Schroer
  • Jennie Evans
  • Stan Shelton
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With the anticipated surge in COVID-19 cases, public health officials are quickly weighing options to prepare multiple building types for conversion into temporary patient care facilities to offload low-acuity health system demand. HKS is creating conceptual plans for hotels, schools and venues to rapidly convert to patient care without requiring hard-walled construction.

The first report in our COVID-19 Conversion series is a concept study of how to convert a hotel, with the goal to care for low-acuity COVID-19 patients, while opening up hospital space for high-acuity patients. 

HKS collaborated with Mazzetti to provide MEP expertise to advise the team on safe environments for patients and staff.   

For more information, contact:

Jason Schroer, AIA, ACHA, LEED AP

Stan Shelton, MSOD


Jason Schroer

Jason Schroer is a Principal and Director of Health at the HKS Dallas office. He strives to have a positive impact on clients and the communities they serve by sharing research, best practices and creativity. He has planned health care facilities throughout the world.

Jennie Evans

Jennie Evans is Development Director at HKS. She is responsible for developing strategic relationships globally for the Community Sector. A nurse, past president of the Nursing Institute for Healthcare Design, and a member of the Clemson University Academy of Excellence in Design, she's passionate about the well-being of our communities.

Stan Shelton

Stan Shelton is Organizational Development and Client Engagement Leader at HKS. He leads strategy development and implementation, and guided organizational development for HKS’ health practice. He’s committed to collaborative and participatory client engagement, helping groups obtain goals, engaging stakeholders and assisting leaders with project management.