Urban Design

Urban design is key to impacting civic life in profound and meaningful ways. Our work uses space, shape and scale to organize collections of buildings as well as the ever-important open space in between. We focus on thoughtfully integrating the places people gather and share, creating a cohesive composition that ensures the character of a setting outweighs the sum of its parts.

We guide our clients on strategic design issues to inform the pragmatic design of buildings that transform and recast the identity of a place. Urban design matters because vibrant and healthy neighborhoods, communities and cities matter.

Meet Our Urban Design Team

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Case Study

Tropicana Field


Takeshi Kamiya, Director of Urban Design

We strive to find the right balance between the legacy of a site and the pull of its future to increase value for our clients.

Case Study

Boca Cana


ProMedica Headquarters Transforms Downtown Toledo


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