Case Study

Tropicana Field A City Beyond a Ballpark

St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

The Challenge

The City of St. Petersburg plans to redevelop an urban site, formerly home to a Major League Baseball ballpark, into a mixed-use community. The design challenge is to re-integrate the site with surrounding neighborhoods and meet their aspirations for future development.

The Design Solution

The plan extends the city grid into the site to create marketable parcels that support seven million square feet of new space. A lake is created as the celebrated feature of the new district center. The lake is surrounded by entertainment retail and public plazas and serves as the main gathering space for large groups. An open space network throughout the site is used to create coveted frontage for each block and establish real estate value.

The Design Impact

The plan provides the city with a framework to make informed decisions about development as opportunities emerge and evolve in the marketplace. The full buildout supports cultural elements, office buildings, a research and technology center, convention and hotel facilities, neighborhood retail as well as affordable and market-rate housing.

Project Features

  • Entertainment center featuring lake
  • Innovation commons featuring seasonal pavilions
  • Permanent and temporary art installations in public open space
  • Education, Research & Tech Center
  • Hotel and convention facilities
  • Affordable and workforce housing