Texas Health Hospital Frisco and UT Southwestern Medical Center Frisco

Case Study

Texas Health Hospital Frisco and UT Southwestern Medical Center Frisco A Health and Well-Being Destination That Provides Better Access to Specialized Care

Frisco, Texas, USA

The Challenge

Integrate a major health care institution into a newly emerging community on the outskirts of a major city.  A driving force of the design was a relabeling of the traditional “hospital” to a “health facilitator.” Through this relabeling, the design team met the challenge of reimagining the function and role of a health care provider.

The Design Solution

Texas Health Resources and UT Southwestern Medical Center joined forces to develop a hospital and outpatient specialty campus that is a health and well-being destination. Faculty and community physicians work together together to serve the needs of the Frisco community through a coordinated network ranging from primary care to specialized expertise.

Located on a 20-acre greenfield site, the unique campus combines research, education and multispecialty care. A garden bisects the campus and connects it with the surrounding area, inviting community members to enjoy the walking trails, outdoor educational classes and a café. The interior’s warm, earthy tones, natural materials and environmental elements create a warm, welcoming environment designed to promote relaxation.

The Design Impact

To efficiently evaluate the best strategies for integrating a health care facility into a suburban community, the design team evaluated a similar Texas Health facility using a mini design diagnostic tool. This involved staff shadowing to evaluate how operations and design can affect the standard of care. The site opens to the community, providing walkability and fitness-related activity by strategically locating walking paths and extending preserved greenspace towards the surrounding neighborhoods.

Project Features

  • 80-bed acute care hospital
  • 12 LDRPs
  • 4-bed NICU Level II
  • 2 C-section rooms
  • 20-bay ED
  • 12 observation rooms
  • 6-OR suite
  • 7 clinic modules with 12 exam rooms each
  • Physical therapy gym
  • Nutrition education
  • Conference center and cafe
  • Shell space for 60 more beds


  • 2021 People’s Choice Award (AIA Dallas Enlaces)
  • 2021 Best in Competition (IIDA Healthcare Design Award)
  • 2021 Touchstone Award, Silver (Center for Health Design)
  • 2021 Master Planning Honor Awards (AIA Detroit)
  • 2021 Honorable Mention (HCD Healthcare Design Showcase)