Case Study

National Rehabilitation Centre in Mafraq Mixing Tradition and Invention in the Interest of Healing

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The Challenge

To design a comprehensive, human-centered substance abuse rehabilitation experience that embraces the rich history of Abu Dhabi and the modern high-tech world.

The Design Solution

Outside, HKS designers employed framed openings and mosaic patterns in a nod to tradition, accenting the building with modern steel and glass. Inside, the substance abuse center accommodates three inpatient treatment stages: acute hospital for high risk of self harm, rehabilitation for low risk, and long-term therapeutic.

The expansive campus will feature an indoor recreation building with locker rooms, massage rooms, basketball court, indoor swimming pool and spa with outdoor playfields, tennis courts and running track.

The project earned 2 Pearl Design Rating, which is a LEED Silver equivalent.

The Design Impact

The National Rehabilitation Centre in Mafraq will serve as a premier healing center for people of Abu Dhabi who seek treatment of drug- and alcohol-related addictions.

Project Features

  • 601,960 square feet (55,923 sm)
  • 244 beds
  • Outpatient clinic
  • Research Center
  • Recreational facilities
  • Restaurant
  • Mosque