Case Study

Mount Qingcheng Indigo Resort Contemporary-Style Mountain Resort with Local Spirit

Chengdu, China

The Challenge

Mount Qingcheng is located southwest of the Dujiangyan City of Chengdu, 68 kilometers east of Chengdu city center. The entire mountain is covered with evergreen forest year-round, hence the name, “Qingcheng” mountain, which means “mountain of green.” Front Mountain offers many historical and cultural sites, while Rear Mountain is famous for its tranquil and stunning scenery, a great place to breathe fresh air and escape from the noises of the city.

The project site provides a rich landscape complete with a marvelous mountain view. HKS designers were challenged to create a modern, yet minimalist resort that provides an unforgettable guest experience within these elegant and tranquil natural surroundings, while at the same time preserving the exquisite view of the beautiful mountains.

The Design Solution

The HKS design concept called for lush landscaping with a collection of sparkling pools surrounding the Indigo Hotel. The main lobby will impress hotel guests with its 270-degree view of the magnificent Qingcheng mountains.

HKS designers also creatively strengthened the relationship between the main building and the suites with planning and design to mimic the local small-town setting. Acknowledging the functional requirements, HKS allocated restaurants venues and commercial space to the lakeside north area, with the banquet hall to the northeast.

To accommodate traffic flow and the gathering of all guests, HKS designers designated the middle site as the main public area, while guest rooms will be allocated to the quieter west area. There will also be three beautiful suites located in the east area of the site.

The Design Impact

Locally-sourced materials will be used for this project to strengthen the local culture and spirit of the design. The designers will also be using gray roof tiles, bricks and stones to form three major elements of the entire building to create a perception that the project is burgeoning from, and is part of, the mountains.

The Indigo Hotel is creatively designed by merging the architecture with the landscape, to achieve an extraordinary and remarkable guest experience

Project Features

  • 35,000-square-meter (376,700-square-foot), 230-key hotel
  • Conference Center
  • Multiple food and beverage venues
  • Majestic mountain views