Case Study

Hualuxe Haikou Seaview A Nautical Landmark and Luxury Accommodations on Haikou Bay

Haikou, Hainan Province, China

The Challenge

To create landmark architecture that offers a powerful first impression to people approaching Haidian Island over the Century Bridge.

The Design Solution

Haikou, a scenic ocean city, is the capital city of the Hainan Province. The project site is located on the north bank of Haikou Bay, facing downtown to the south and it is the first thing seen when driving to Haidian Island over the 2,663-meter (250-foot) Century Bridge. HKS designers took full advantage of the site’s width and the structure spreads horizontally with single loaded guestrooms that maximize the ocean view. The service apartment steps back on top of the hotel to create gorgeous landscaped terraces for the residents. The hotel entry ramps up to a higher elevation, so the main lobby lounge has an expansive view overlooking the bay and the downtown skyline. The architecture expression is contemporary – the water side of the façade is transparent and the corridor side has more shades. The curved form and the sail-like canopies give the building a strong nautical feel. The sawtooth edge of the slab gives the building a vibrant rhythm.

The Design Impact

The tower enriches the skyline on the north side of Haikou Bay and it has become one of the top three hotels in the city in terms of revenue and popularity since opening in 2016. It helped the owner secure the adjacent land to develop phase two of the project, which contains a yacht marina and two residential towers.

Project Features

  • 70,600 square meters (760,000 square feet)
  • 310-key hotel
  • 222 luxury apartments
  • 273 parking spaces