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At HKS, we strive to improve the health and vitality of all communities we serve—every community, every project, every time. To do this, we pull from our global design team’s expertise, including architecture, interior design, strategy, programming and implementation. Our award-winning research on how design can improve health and well-being informs our design decisions. For each of our clients, we deliver compelling, efficient and flexible solutions that balance beauty with performance.

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The Hot Zone: Designing Hospital Units for Diseases as Infectious as COVID-19


Jason Schroer, Director of Health


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COVID-19 Conversions: How to Turn High Schools into Hospitals

This is about using our knowledge and skills to respond to this current health crisis to help save lives. But looking forward, we’ll learn from this experience to help our health care partners plan ahead for whatever the new normal will become.

Jim Whitaker


Five Ways to Improve Hospital Infection Control as Coronavirus Tests Health Care Providers