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At HKS, we strive to improve the health and vitality of all communities we serve—every community, every project, every time. To do this, we pull from our global design team’s expertise, including architecture, interior design, strategy, programming and implementation. Our award-winning research on how design can improve health and well-being informs our design decisions. For each of our clients, we deliver compelling, efficient and flexible solutions that balance beauty with performance.

Meet Our Health Team

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How Can Design Support Infection Control?


The Pandemic Resilient Hospital: How Design Can Help Facilities Stay Operational and Safe


Jason Schroer, Director of Health

As we navigate this pandemic, we will continue to share our most salient research, including designing for infection control across multiple facility types and encouraging physical distancing while remaining socially connected.


HKS Wins 2020 Outstanding Organization Award from Healthcare Design Magazine


How Interior Design Can Assist in Health Care Business Recovery


Reboot Readiness: A Primer on How to Design for Contagions

Can Design Prepare Us For Change?

Healthcare is changing at a very fast pace all over the world. Our goal is to educate people on health and wellness, and design facilities that support a specific community.