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At HKS, we strive to improve the health and vitality of all communities we serve—every community, every project, every time. To do this, we pull from our global design team’s expertise, including architecture, interior design, strategy, programming and implementation. Our award-winning research on how design can improve health and well-being informs our design decisions. For each of our clients, we deliver compelling, efficient and flexible solutions that balance beauty with performance.

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How Can Design Improve Our Communities' Health and Vitality?


Where We Live Impacts How We Live

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True Worth Place


Behind the Scenes of Erlanger East

Our communities deserve environments that promote the best possible health outcomes. Strategic thinking, operational improvement, outcomes-based design – these are a few ways that we at HKS make a difference, to improve health for all.


Jason Schroer, Director of Health


What Is the Hospital of the Future? Perhaps Not a Hospital at All

What's Next for Cancer Care?

Cancer is undergoing a paradigm shift from a fatal diagnosis to a chronic disease. What does this mean for architecture and design? How should healthcare environments change?

How Can Design Contribute to Greater Resilience?

In the United States, health care policy changes constantly—with the uncertain future of the Affordable Care Act and regulatory changes that the current administration will bring about, we cannot predict policy even two years down the line.

How Will Technology Improve the Patient Experience?