Multifamily Residential

Where will people want to live tomorrow? We begin each residential project with this question, and with an eye to connecting people, neighborhoods and cities.

Our goal is to design homes where people want to live because they offer healthier, happier ways of life. Our interdisciplinary design expertise includes student living, senior living, and all the generations in between.

Latest Multifamily Insights


What Makes a Healthy, Happy Home Today?

For many, the idea of “home” has changed significantly since COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020. More than simply places where we sleep, cook, eat and decompress, our homes have taken on a new life as internet-powered locations for work, social interactions, shopping and entertainment. 


Where We Live Impacts How We Live

As an architect and strategic thinker, my career is largely devoted to designing buildings and places intended to improve the well-being of others.


Our multifamily residential portfolio includes building types from tall buildings to low-rise, developments, each of which cater to distinct lifestyles.

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