Case Study

Vanke Chongqing Aviation Financial Headquarters CBD next to the Central Park

Chongqing, China

The Challenge

The project is located in Liangjiang International Business Center,  Chongqing, adjacent to Chongqing Central Park which is one of the largest urban parks in Asia.  The challenge is how to take advantage of the unique natural landscape resources and makes it a world-class “urban complex next to the park”.

The Design Solution

The design concept is derived from the concept of “a theater in the mountain city”, using the height difference of about 20 meters between the east and the west of the plot—— in the design, the business customers and retail customers are interpreted as audiences and actors, and the retail space becomes an important experience stage. In the overall layout, the retail space is transformed into an open retail block, forming a multi-node, multi-floor, double-center (two central sunken plazas) flowing commercial open space from west to east. Commercial circulation and office circulation have relatively clear directionality, giving people a rhythmic space transformation experience, integrating futuristic office and immersive retail. Retail part and office towers are shaped as facades with different personalities at the interface facing urban roads and the central park. The retail facade adjacent to the urban interface is mainly designed with an overall atmosphere, combined with billboards and LED screens, so that the commercial skin reflects multiple personality characteristics in different perspectives. On the side facing the park, the retail interface in split into small volumes, with boxes of different sizes and colors interlocking with each other. As for the office towers, the four towers’ facades use uniform warm vertical lines facing urban roads; and on the side facing the central park, users are hoped to maximize the enjoyment of the view of the landscape. The transparent large glass curtain wall enables zero-distance interaction and communication between workplace and natural space.

The Design Impact

Comfortable and pleasant public green space grows in harmony with the temperament of commercial and office spaces. Open space design allows people to have more contact with nature, multi-dimensional spaces and sunken plazas and different elevations are interspersed with each other.

Project Features

  • 281,600 sm (3,031,117 sf)
  • Block retail
  • Four office towers


  • 2022-2023 Asia Pacific Property Awards, Winner in the category of Office Architecture for Chongqing Municipality, China