Case Study

Singapore Racecourse Reimagining a Longtime Sports Institution as an Integrated Leisure Destination


The Challenge

To create a self-sustaining development with unique identity as well as strong connections to the surrounding community and broader Singapore context.

The integration of additional programs and activities on-site has the potential to activate the Racecourse year-round and expand its appeal beyond racing events alone.

The Design Solution

HKS proposed a vision of the Singapore Racecourse as a world-class cultural, educational and leisure destination, building on the rich history of the Racecourse as a venue for premier sports events by introducing a vibrant mix of new functions and programs together with connectivity to the neighborhood, public transit and natural green spaces. With a legacy spanning over a hundred years, the Singapore Racecourse is not only a place to celebrate the past; it is an integral part of the future vision of northern Singapore.

Within its master plan proposal, HKS outlined an overall strategic plan to achieve the design vision: 1) optimize the existing site for future development; 2) generate destination appeal and identity; and 3) establish viability and sustainability over time. Certain existing structures, such as the riding center and multistory carpark, would be retained to facilitate uninterrupted use during race days, while new offerings such as an eco-sports park, multifunction arena, sculpture garden, and waterfront theater enhance site-wide activation and expand opportunities for public attractions.

Future development phases include hospitality, residential and commercial offerings with SMART transport links to surrounding parks and eco-developments, such as the nearby Rail Corridor Park and Mandai Park. A planned green corridor interconnects this diverse program of functions, creating clear access across the site as well as to broader local and regional amenities. A Signature Park forms the green heart of the master plan, making a visible and powerful statement about the sustainable principles of the development.

The Design Impact

The master plan presents an opportunity to reimagine how the Singapore Racecourse and its related facilities can be redeveloped into an integrated and extraordinary leisure destination for sports tourism, eco-activities and entertainment. Designed in collaboration with local residents and business leaders, the master plan will serve a population from all over Singapore and beyond, catering to the need for health, wellness, sports, recreation, family time, commerce, arts and culture.

Project Features

  • Water sensitive urban design strategies
  • Car-lite site planning and SMART mobility options
  • Mixed-use programs to enhance destination appeal
  • Green and blue connections to the surrounding park network