Case Study

Russian Arctic and Far East Tourism Development Framework A Research and Positioning Project Yields Opportunities for Major Artic Tourism Expansion


The Challenge

Russia’s Arctic tourism industry is relatively underdeveloped comparatively to other Arctic regions. HKS Advisory worked to identify potential assets, visitor profiles and demand potential for seven selected priority areas in the Russian Arctic and Far East Regions to develop a detailed tourism framework.

The Design Solution

The HKS team conducted extensive research starting with analysis of the global Arctic tourism industry, key trends and experiences. We conducted interviews with a broad selection of key stakeholders and assessed typical Arctic tourist persona types to determine the optimal development program for each of the individual regions. Pulling together all the research, we created a tourism development framework, tailored to specific destinations and tourist populations.

The Design Impact

The tourism development framework informed concept and master planning recommendations, sustainability considerations and long-term tourism objectives for the seven regions included in the study.