Case Study

Nanchang OCT Marriott Hotel Hotel's Dancing Butterfly Theme Spreads Welcoming Wings to Guests

Nanchang, China

The Challenge

The hotel is a part of Happy Xiang Lake Cultural Tourism Commercial Mixed-use which is a comprehensive cultural tourism and entertainment destination including Happy Water World, a shopping mall, Qushui Bay scenic area, an art gallery and an international five-star hotel. Challenges faced by HKS designers include: the organization of hotel vehicle flow and the overall connection and coordination of traffic systems in mega complexes; the mediation of hotel-owned space and mega complexes’ public space; the incorporation of scenery considering the physical distance between the hotel and Xiang Lake; the layered and dynamic spatial relationships and connections between the hotel and other compartments in the mega complex; the creation of a uniform style with other buildings in the project as well as the hotel’s own landmark topicality; and lastly, the encouragement of a unique cultural-tourism experience in limited area.

The Design Solution

The hotel’s design concept is based on the consideration that guests will be able to enjoy themselves like butterflies as they dwell in Xiang Lake’s water– a well of joy and happiness. The design of the core building is dynamic with intersecting curves, creating an embracing gesture, embodying the freedom and joy of a dancing butterfly. The strong topicality and publicity of the design correspond with the fluid, joyful theme of the overall project.
The main entrance of the hotel is located on the Northeast portion of the site. Vehicles entering the hotel will drive up a long, peaceful hill, surrounded by the beautiful views of Xiang Lake scenery as guests slowly transition from busy city to the soothing, quiet realm of the hotel. The arrival area is 6 meters above ground level, allowing the guests to view the lake in its calm, majestic entirety, creating an ideal first impression. The raised hotel lobby, rooftop swimming pool, all-day restaurant featuring a 270-degree view of the scenery will surely become internet-famous places in the city.
The building façade utilizes angular layered frames, creating water waves when combined with the building’s balconies. At night, the contours of dynamic lighting presents Marriot Hotel with livelihood and vitality next to Xiang Lake, creating a local landmark.

The Design Impact

Nanchang OCT Marriot Hotel is the first international five-star hotel in Chaoyang city. Based on the project’s understandings of commercial segments of the complex and the Marriot Hotel brand, HKS designed a thoughtful, elegant, comfortable and warm resting environment that allows guests to return to calmness both physically and mentally after experiencing various activities. The project is a versatile and comprehensive metropolitan hotel that caters to a variety of guests from business travelers to vacationers.

Project Features

  • 49,000 square meters (527,431 square feet)
  • Raised hotel lobby
  • Rooftop swimming pool
  • 24-hour restaurant
  • Spa