Case Study

Keck Medicine of USC Newport Beach Oncology Clinic and Infusion Center Newport Beach Gets Enhanced Oncology Care with New USC Keck Medicine Center

Newport Beach, CA, USA

The Challenge

Keck Medicine of USC sought to expand access to its oncology services in Orange County. It leased a newly built two-story medical office building in the heart of Newport Beach, located on a narrow site backing up to a residential neighborhood. With a curved glass façade, the key driver was to design a quiet and restful environment with soothing ocean views for patients and their families during infusion treatment.

The building would be renovated into a comprehensive cancer treatment that specializes in a wide range of cancers and blood disorders and serves a one-stop-shop for infusion patients, with an on-site blood draw laboratory and infusion pharmacy where patients receive coordinated and personalized treatment plans. The challenge was to plan and design a robust cancer clinic program within an existing narrow building to deliver world-class treatment services.

The Design Solution

The Newport Beach location was designed to cater to both patients’ physical health and mental well-being. Recognizing the community’s desire for privacy and personalized care, the patient-centric facility features private patient suites, a concierge service, and individualized treatment plans.

The clinic and treatment spaces were carefully planned to maximize functional space and efficiencies. Level 1 contains the main check-in with exam rooms, physician offices, laboratory, and pharmacy. The pharmacy’s hood vents dictated its location, which drove the layout of the entire floor. Level 2 has spacious semi-private infusion bays offer ocean views with room for guests. Brace framing was used to help minimize the number of columns along the curved glass façade. Nurse stations were designed to provide optimal views to the infusion bays. Adjustable height worksurfaces were used throughout the workspace and physician offices to allow staff to work in a comfortable environment.

To put patients at ease, the space feels airy, bright and coastal with plenty of natural light, soothing artwork and clear sightlines for staff. The design has a nautical theme using rich woods, blues and neutral tones. Waiting areas on both levels feature oversized abstracted pieces that are reminiscent of reflections on the water. Wood planks on the  ceiling mimic a boardwalk in the harbor. Light wood tones and neutral finishes provide an excellent background to enhance the views and artwork.

The Design Impact

The Newport Beach location gives residents of Orange County access to the most effective and advanced cancer therapies available, in a comfortable and soothing environment. Patients can receive customized treatment at the same location, reducing stress and improving clinical outcomes.

With accessible screening services, a higher percentage of Newport Beach residents received timely diagnoses. A notable percentage of residents enrolled in clinical trials, contributing to advancements in oncology care. The convenience of local services combined with Keck’s premium care has led to high patient satisfaction rates.

A continuous educational outreach program helps local residents be more proactive about their health, leading to a more health-conscious community. Seminars, health fairs, and workshops on cancer prevention, early detection, and recent advancements in treatment are organized for residents.

 USC Keck Medicine’s initiative in Newport Beach underscores that community-specific health care approaches are pivotal. By understanding the unique needs of Newport Beach residents, Keck successfully brought top-tier oncology care to their doorstep, blending convenience with excellence.

Project Features

  • NCI-designated
  • 24 exam rooms
  • 32 semi-private infusion bays
  • 2 private infusion bays
  • 7 provider offices
  • Blood draw lab
  • Infusion pharmacy