Case Study

Instituto de Diagnóstico y Referencia Epidemiológicos (InDRE) Infectious Disease Laboratories State-of-the-Art Disease Control Lab Combines Beauty and Security

Mexico City, Mexico

The Challenge

Tasked with studying the treatment of infectious diseases, the researchers of Mexico’s Instituto de Diagnostico y Referencia Epidemiologicos needed a new space to collaborate with local and international officials. As the organization evolved to meet changing research needs and accelerating technology, they outgrew traditional biosecurity standards and the HKS team was asked to design a building that provides a highly-controlled environment that meets strict international regulations.

The Design Solution

Situated on a landscaped central plaza and connected to the rest of the campus via a covered walkway, the laboratory building creates a new focal point for researchers and visitors alike. With a glass curtain wall façade clad by a corten steel screen, this six-story, 183,000 square foot (17,001 sm) building houses Mexico’s Center for Disease Control, multiple labs for the containment and study of infectious diseases and a vivarium facility. United by a multistory atrium, all components of this high-security facility were designed to the most stringent international standards for biosafety. With a mission in service of public health, the building incorporates sustainability strategies to promote ecological consciousness among users.

The Design Impact

The Infectious Disease Laboratories is part of a master plan for the new facilities at the Instituto de Diagnostico y Referencia Epidemiologicos (InDRE). It houses Mexico’s Center for Disease Control laboratories and belongs to a worldwide network of labs, including the U.S. Center for Disease Control. The secure environment of laboratories provides a unique and vital setting for researchers to collaborate with other public health officials and government agencies under one roof. Together, they share resources, monitor disease outbreaks and identify treatment strategies to serve and protect the safety of the public across Mexico and beyond.

Project Features

  • 183,000 square feet (17,001 sm)
  • BSL-3 laboratories
  • BSL-2 laboratories
  • Animal vivarium facility
  • Administration and education areas
  • National Institute of Health, Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization biosafety facility

With the new InDRE facilities, Mexico is in a better position to strengthen international collaboration.

President of Mexico