Case Study

Cosm Amplifying Experience with Shared Reality

The Colony, TX & Hollywood Park, CA

The Challenge

To design venues that offer fans a revolutionary way to experience sporting, entertainment and cultural events through shared reality.

The Design Solution

Cosm is an immersive entertainment, media, and technology company redefining the way the world experiences content through shared reality. HKS designed two venues for Cosm in The Colony, Texas, and Inglewood, California. They are scheduled to open in 2024.

By blending digital and physical experiences, Cosm venues offer fans a unique energy and vibe by fusing innovative design with immersive technology. The architecture serves to ground viewers by connecting them to their physical location with views to nature and the outdoors.

Applying design research, HKS architects partnered with Cosm to determine that a toroidal dome would provide elevated viewing experiences for a larger number of fans in the dome, the primary gathering space at Cosm venues.  The environment creates an unparalleled viewing experience for fans participating in events remotely.

The Design Impact

Design that amplifies the benefits of shared reality will enable Cosm guests to experience the best seat in the house, remotely. The shared physical and digital experience will democratize access to global events and provide educational and cultural opportunities for surrounding communities.

The Colony, TX
The Colony, TX

Project Features

  • 65,000 square feet
  • Three floors
  • 2,600 Venue Capacity
  • The Dome – Primary Viewing within 60′ x 86′ LED Dome
  • The Deck – Outdoor Terrace
  • The Hall – Secondary Viewing Area
  • VIP Bar & Seating
  • Food & Beverage
Hollywood Park, CA
Hollywood Park, CA
Hollywood Park, CA