Case Study

Biolab Research Facilities Laboratory of the Future, Incubator for Bioscience in Asia Pacific


The Challenge

HKS designers were challenged to create plans for a laboratory that applied creative and adaptive design to allow a wide range of usages while still accommodating individual needs.

The Design Solution

Scientific research facilities are increasingly shaped by a focus on collaboration, flexibility, and a more open approach to science, both intellectually and physically.

Biopolis phase 6 project envisions the future of scientific laboratories with 33,810 square meters (363,927 square feet) of Core and Shell lab space and 2000 square meters (21,527 square feet) of fitted-out lab space to cater to future tenants and aspiring start-ups. These spaces are designed specifically with flexibility, adaptability, and modularity in mind.

HKS designers adopted a 10.8 x 10.8m column grid to allow for the greatest modularity when it comes to the placement of lab modules. Columns are designed to sit on the edge of the floorplate boundary with a centralised service core, allowing for an obstacle free floorplate and flexibility for tenants when configuring their lab spaces.

The Core and Shell lab spaces are designed to be flexible, adaptable and with infrastructure ready to cater to either wet or dry labs for different types of research ranging from biomedical to food or consumer care. A typical wet lab comprises open labs, speciality labs and offices.

The fitted-out lab would employ a co-working lab model catered to provide start-ups with a relatively hassle-free option. This model offers common facilities and equipment for multiple tenants in the facility to share, which could provide a platform to promote collaboration among the tenants and industry players and become an incubator for future ground-breaking research.

The Design Impact

Designed as a “living laboratory,” Biopolis phase 6 aspires to be a contemporary, innovative, and sustainable design with places for scientists and researchers to gather, confer and actively collaborate. The user-centered and functional facility is where creative ideas are inspired, and research and discovery can happen.

Project Features

  • 33,810 sqm (363,927 sf) of Core and Shell lab space
  • 2000 sqm (21,527 sf) of fitted-out lab space1
  • Laboratory compartmentalization to accommodate different start-ups company
  • Flexible lab benches layout applying “co-working” concept
  • Capability to expend into BSL-3 lab
  • Capability to accommodate X-Ray equipment
  • Mechanical system that avoid cross contamination