Case Study:
  • Commercial

Aermont CapitalTransformational Design Helps Realign Brand With Business Objectives

London, UK

The Challenge

This independent real estate asset management firm was undergoing a business transformation and was seeking a partner with a strategic design approach to help reinvent the company.

The Design Solution

Working with the business, we developed a fresh direction based on impact, clarity and a future-orientated outlook. Professional services firms form part of the knowledge economy. During the course of a given day, a knowledge worker may be expected to work individually, as part of different-sized groups, either face-to-face or remotely; they will engage in online or in-person tutorials and coaching to improve their skills, and they will engage with their co-workers to form internal networks, critical to innovation. The spaces that support these important daily activities need to be as varied as the activities themselves. HKS designers united Aermont’s teams through careful planning and maximum transparency. A collaborative culture is cultivated by openness, impromptu touchdown areas and a thoughtfully designed café/library. The diverse plan offers a variety of work modes, while shared enclosed retreats provide areas for private or focused working. These high performance, double-glazed cellular spaces with a bespoke manifestation also augment natural light and views out and across the office. Aermont’s brand is subtly yet powerfully conveyed though rigorous minimalism and the material palette, while the firm’s modern art collection is showcased by the gallery-like setting.

The Design Impact

From experience, we have seen that that social space is the glue that holds a company’s work culture together. At Aermont, the café/library has become the heart of the office.

Project Features

  • 930 square meters (10,010 square feet)
  • Open plan office
  • Conference rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Café
  • Library
  • Art