UN Global Call to Creatives to Spread Public Health Messages about COVID-19

On March 30, 2020, the United Nations did something they had never done before: they issued a global call to creatives to help build public awareness of critical public health messages. Faced with staggering public health outcomes from the COVID-19 pandemic, the UN asked creatives for their help in translating public health messages into work that could engage and inform people across cultures, languages and communities. The audience goal? To reach everyone, everywhere.

Naturally, we couldn’t resist the call to action.

Our in-house creative team comprised of graphic designers, writers and videographers gathered to consider: how could we best help build awareness of best practices, while dispelling some common myths related to COVID-19? Gabi Pineda, Benjamin Robinson and Leanne Doore all stepped up and offered design concepts, and we collectively chose to submit work Leanne created to the UN.

Leanne said, “I was immediately excited to use my creative skills to contribute something positive and informative amidst the gloom of a global pandemic. Since there is an abundance of information (and misinformation) circulating about Covid-19, I wanted to create a clear, direct message that felt trustworthy and uplifting. I was inspired by Swiss design, minimalism, and mod colors. I hope people find these graphics informative, joyful and visually compelling.”

We hope you enjoy Leanne’s designs, and encourage you to download and share them anywhere appropriate to build awareness of the UN’s public health messages. To see all global designs submitted to the UN click here.