reWORK: Humanizing the Science of Workplace

Everyone has his or her own definition of what work is, what today’s workplace should look like and how the workplace should perform. In an industry obsessed with metrics, critical of the cubicle and the open office, how do you decide what’s best for your company?

HKS reWORK takes an ethnographic approach to workplace design, applying quantitative and qualitative research insights to guide our designs. Our methodology leverages tools like focused observation, interviewing and employee surveys within a third-party perspective to have fresh eyes and an open mind.

reWORK projects apply this depth and breadth of research to workplace design strategy. Each case study presents major design drivers, as well as key outcomes and design recommendations for each project. This growing catalog of research-based design allows us to better compare and contrast findings and solutions for our clients, noting patterns, discrepancies, challenges and best practices for continuously improved workplace strategy.

A workplace is one of the most strategic tools for an organization to leverage for improved efficiency, business operations, recruitment and retention, and brand presence—the things that differentiate a company from its competition. reWORK is a scalable research strategy to gain unique and meaningful insights about a company to help inform design and engage end users in the process.

Results-driven and people-oriented, we are looking beyond statistics and meaningless metrics. Our goal is to capture the richness and reality of the employee workplace experience.

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Case Studies