Join HKS at the 2023 European Healthcare Design Conference

Please join HKS at the European Healthcare Design Conference in London and virtually, June 12–14. The theme of this year’s event is “Fault lines and front lines: Strengthening health system resilience.” The highly anticipated conference seeks to spark conversation in Europe and around the world about how to plan and design health systems and infrastructure to achieve fiscal balance, equality of access, greater efficiency, net-zero, pandemic preparedness, quality improvement and better health outcomes in design.

HKS’ Jess Karsten, Deborah Wingler, Angela Lee, Sarah Holton and Joshi Rutali are all scheduled to speak at the conference, in addition to video and poster galleries from Sammy Shams, Sumandeep Singh and Jennie Evans that delegates can peruse between sessions.


  • Monday, June 12: 10:45 a.m. (GMT): The new Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Strengthening Resilience in the Northwest
    Speakers: Jess Karsten
  • Monday, June 12: 2:20 p.m.: Hospital of the future: Setting a new benchmark for resilient design in Singapore
    Speakers: Dr. Deborah Wingler, Angela Lee, Sarah Holton
  • Tuesday, June 13: 2:40 p.m. (GMT): Building for Healthcare Resiliency: A Multi-pronged Approach Examining Pandemic Response of Multiple Facilities Across the U.S Military Health System
    Speakers: Dr. Deborah Wingler, Dr. Rutali Joshi

Video + Poster Gallery

The cultured surroundings of the Dorchester Library will play host to the Video + Poster Gallery

  • P08: Sumandeep Singh: Empowering hospital systems in achieving top-quality design and planning on their large-scale healthcare facilities, focusing on Asian healthcare construction
  • P21: Sammy Shams: Integrating Resilience into Design
  • P30: Jennie Evans: Addressing healthcare resilience through new genotypes of hospitality buildings


We hope you’ll join our illustrious team for rewarding discussions on health care design resilience.