Join HKS at the 2018 AIA National Conference

The AIA Conference on Architecture, June 21-23 in New York City, is focusing on a “Blueprint for Better Cities” this year. The conference will encourage attendees to think critically about health and resilience and how architects can improve everything from superblocks to microcommunities. Rand Ekman, elected to the 2018 College of Fellows, and Julie Hiromoto, HKS’ New York office director, will both speak on panels this year. We hope you’ll join us for rewarding discussions on leadership advancement and sustainability in the years ahead.

Thursday, June 21: 7:30 a.m.: Fundamentals of Leadership in Design.
Thursday, June 21: 9:30 a.m.: Designing For a Diverse Future.
Saturday, June 23: 9:45 a.m.: S, M, L, XL – 2030 Commitment in All.
Saturday, June 23: 1:45 p.m.: Planning, Action, Impact: Firm Action Plans for Carbon Neutrality.

Fundamentals of Leadership in Design

Speakers: Julie Hiromoto, HKS; Trudi Hummel, Gould Evans; Patricia Rhee, Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects; Anthony Rohr, Gould Evans; Janet Simpson, tvsdesign.

This course will examine the spectrum of frameworks that define the fundamentals of leadership advancement in four design firms. Speakers will discuss the challenges of creating such a framework and where we all stand in the development/dialogue of such.

Designing For a Diverse Future

Speakers: Julie Hiromoto, HKS.

Julie Hiromoto will share moments from her own career to illustrate the value of a diverse workforce and how building a new generation of diverse workers has been beneficial throughout history.

S, M, L, XL – 2030 Commitment in All

Moderator: Rand Ekman, HKS. Panelists: Stephen Kieran, Kieran Timberlake; Nathan Kipnis, Kipnis Architecture + Planning; Marsha Matum, Leddy Maytum Architects; Ken Sanders, Gensler.

Delve into the reasons different firms signed on to the 2030 Commitment, how it fits into their workflows, how the firms are maximizing the value of the online DDx portfolioand the financial and human resource implications. What are the benefits and challenges each firm sees, from taking the first step to having it integrated into each project? How is energy modeling done in the firm, be it in-house or from consultants?

Planning, Action, Impact: Firm Action Plans for Carbon Neutrality

Panelists: Rand Ekman, HKS; Julie Adams, LMN Architects; Nathan Kipnis, Kipnis Architecture + Planning; Tate Walker, OPN Architects.

Firms leading the way to a carbon-neutral future will share how they created and implemented sustainability action plans. A sustainability action plan, a key part of success for AIA 2030 Commitment signatories, is a deliberate approach creating a path toward greater project quality, improved client value and solid business performance and firm culture. At its core, it’s a statement of a firm’s approach to sustainable design. At this session, you’ll be able to think through—strategically and methodically—how to translate sustainability values and aspirations into a comprehensive approach for transforming your practice and portfolio.