HKS Wins Four Awards at CHCC2023 Conference in China

HKS, a prominent player in the Chinese hospital design construction arena, won four major awards and a certificate recently at the 24th China Hospital Construction Conference and International Exhibition on Hospital Construction, Equipment, and Management (CHCC2023) in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. The Conference is recognized as the largest and most cutting-edge industry event in China’s hospital design and construction industry.

成都,中国 — 2023年6月19日,由筑医台、国药励展、中国医学装备协会医院建筑与装备分会、筑而瑞联合多家权威机构共同举办的“第二十四届全国医院建设大会暨国际医院建设、装备及管理展览会”(简称 CHCC2023)在四川·成都中国西部国际博览城圆满落幕。中国医院建设领域的“荣耀殿堂”——2023年CHCC中国医院建设奖颁奖典礼于6月16日在四川·成都中国西部国际博览城隆重召开。CHCC中国医院建设奖创立于2013年,是我国医院建设行业的媒体平台与学术机构联合授予中国医院建设者的行业荣誉

HKS won for its designs of West China Cancer Center and Heavy Ion and Proton Center and Seventh Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-Sen University (Phase II were honored with a “China’s Top Ten Hospital Design.” Additionally, Hefei BOE Hospital won a  “China Medical Architecture User Experience Award,” while Texas Health Hospital Frisco and UT Southwestern Medical Center Frisco won a “International Excellent Design Award for Healthcare Facilities.” West Electric group hospital outpatient clinic and inpatient building received a top interior design citation.


In addition to the awards ceremony, HKS was also heavily involved in presenting during the Conference, showcasing its influence in the field, facilitating fruitful exchanges and leading discussions with numerous industry peers during the event, which was held June 17-19.


Three leaders from HKS made notable contributions during the forums. Alex Wang, HKS Greater China Healthcare Director, Partner, delivered thought-provoking speeches on “Modern Prefabricated and Steel Structure Green Hospital” and “US-China Hospital Design.”

HKS大中华区医疗总监Alex Wang(王翔)发表演讲《国外钢结构装配式医疗建筑设计实践》和《中美医院建筑设计的个性与融合》。Alex通过诸多HKS在国外的最新案例,分享HKS在设计和技术层面的探索与实践,并探讨中国医院与美国医院在未来求同存异、共同发展的诸多可能性。

Hao-Che Hsu, HKS Shanghai Office’s Director of Medical Planning and principle, captivated the audience with his presentations on “High-Quality International Hospital Architecture and Spatial Environment Design,” and “Trends and Case Studies of Cancer Hospital Design in China and the United States.”


And Haizhen Song, HKS Shanghai Office’s Senior Medical Planner and Vice President, shared valuable insights through her speeches on “System Master Planning case studies in the United States” and “Health Care Project Pre-Design System and the Trend.” The engaging discussions shed light on the contrasting approaches and potential areas of collaboration between the health care systems of China and the United States.