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HKS is a top design firm with more than 1,350 employees in 23 global offices. HKS Shanghai utilizes state-of-the-art design methods and our unique design philosophies to produce excellent project experiences for our clients in Asia. Our Shanghai office has worked in China since 2010 and has a portfolio that includes healthcare, sports, hospitality, mixed-use and mission critical projects. Completed examples include the Aiyuhua Hospital for Children and Women, Suzhou Gaoxin People’s Hospital, Hualuxe Haikou Seaview, Crowne Plaza Ningbo and more. We are a founding member of the China Accord and we are dedicated to responsible design that incorporates health, well-being and sustainability. 



美国排名前3,世界排名前10名的美国HKS建筑设计公司, 是总部在美国达拉斯的全球顶级的建筑师事务所。世界各地共有23个办公室1300多个专业员工。HKS上海办公室“豪科设计咨询(上海)有限公司”,成立于2010年,致力于整合运用全球最先进的设计方法与理念,为大中华地区的客户提供卓越的项目体验。我们的设计业务范围涵盖众多类型的项目,包含酒店度假村,商业综合体,总部办公,医疗,及体育建筑等。其中的代表型项目有重庆鲁能城瑞吉酒店综合体,昆明万科魅力之城商业综合体,西安万科希尔顿酒店,成都银泰英迪格酒店等大型TOD城市综合体和国际高端品牌酒店。已完成开业的代表项目有北京爱育华妇儿医院,苏州高新区人民医院二期,海口华彩华邑酒店和宁波象山海景皇冠假日酒店等。HKS参与签署了美国建筑师协会2030协议,承诺将致力于中国和全球的城市建设的可持续性发展的设计。