How to Identify Fake Emails, Texts and Websites Regarding HKS Job Openings


Fraudsters use email, text messages, websites and possibly other electronic means to collect your personal information and use it for nefarious purposes. Sadly, an increasing number of these scam artists have been posing as hiring representatives from HKS to prey on job applicants. Whether you are applying for a job at HKS on your own initiative or are responding to a notice of a job opening, please take time to verify that you are sending your information to the appropriate place at HKS by following these steps:

  • First, note that any emails sent from an HKS hiring manager will always end in If you are contacted by anyone using an e-mail address that ends in anything other than, then it is a scam.
  • We will not send text messages about job openings
  • The only way to apply for a job at HKS is through our website, here.
  • Be wary of clicking on ads for HKS jobs. Phishers post fraudulent ads to snag potential job-seekers.
  • Only websites with in the main URL structure, such as and, are authentic to HKS.
  • We only conduct interviews in person, by phone or on Zoom. The meeting request will come from one of our hiring representatives or other HKS employee, whose e-mails always end in We do not use Skype for interviews.
  • If you believe you might be being scammed or have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

For more information on hiring scams and how to watch out for them, see these external resources:

Thank you for your diligence in helping us fight phishing scams.