A collection of our publications including brochures, magazines, papers, etc. can be found below. We encourage you to take a look and explore. 

HKS 75: Special Edition Anniversary Publication 2014

At HKS, we celebrated 75 years in the making in 2014. The HKS 75: Special Edition Anniversary Publication provides a glimpse into where we’ve been and celebrates where we are going – from getting up close and personal with Dan Noble, our new president and CEO, to highlighting a yearlong celebration of knowledge product and intelligence leadership. This publication is about us and where we can go together.

HKS LINK – Adaptive Reuse

HKS LINK explores the stories of three companies and the reasons they chose adaptive reuse as a creative solution for a unique workplace. A production facility is turned into a colorful and lively showcase for a major cosmetics company. A fitness center is transformed into a technology company’s corporate headquarters. A previously shuttered government office reopens its doors – and windows – as a modern workplace. The right location, coupled with the right set of real estate and economic circumstances, gave each of these clients the opportunity to see the possibilities for converting an existing building into their vision for the future.


HKS INNOVATE 2013 explores all things construction administration. Kirk Krueger, principal and director of construction services, discusses lessons learned using BIM in “Looking Beyond Building Information Modeling (BIM): What BIM Means to the Construction Process.” A glimpse into the CA backstory on HKS’s new space in downtown Dallas is revealed in “HKS Headquarters Relocation: The Real CA Renovation Story.” We also discuss construction administration around the globe. How do architects in China approach the construction administration process? What takes place in India? How does the process differ in the Middle East? And, we take a trip into the art of glass blowing in an interview with world-renowned artist, Dale Chihuly.

HKS LINK – HKS Design Green

HKS LINK is dedicated to the newest green thinking. You will learn what nationally recognized leaders had to say about the effect of building materials in healthcare environments during HKS’s GreenWeek, what our DesignGreen team thinks about LEEDv4 and how important it is to incorporate energy-modeling strategies into the building design process. You also may discover some green statistics you’ve never even thought about. Take a minute and meet HKS’s DesignGreen team.

HKS LINK – HKS Hill Glazier Studio

HKS LINK guides readers through tips to consider in the design process to provide guests with an awesome experience – and create extraordinary places to which people long to return. Beginning with general hotel planning, we move to the porte cochere, the lobby, the guest room and beyond. Some tips are practical; others are opportunities not to be missed. Read how hotel design and service go hand-in-hand for the world’s best hospitality brands. Experiential design, combined with outstanding service, elevates a project from great to unforgettable and, in time, perhaps iconic. 

HKS LINK – HKS Science & Technology

HKS LINK examines what will happen to the scientific community if faced with federal cutbacks. It also provides a listing of alternative research funding sources, one of which may be helpful to your organization. You also will learn about HKS Science & Technology, which has designed more than 2,500 laboratories. Finally, H. Michael Smith, AIA, LEED AP, senior vice president, National Science & Technology Leader, HKS, Inc., looks back 100 years and wonders where we would be today without the world of science.


HKS LINK reviews the U.S. Supreme Court decision to uphold the individual mandate of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), and the impact of the act on emergency departments. The experts of HKS Team ED share their insights and vast knowledge about the PPACA and the changes that might take place now and in the near future. Read about how ED concepts developed over 10 years ago by HKS are now becoming a reality. And, HKS Team ED Designer and Director David Vincent, AIA, ACHA, LEED AP, shares a very personal story about how ED design became his passion. 


HKS INNOVATE 2012 delves into Design Think and Design Speak. HKS Design Director Dan Noble notes that the basic core relationships, end products of design and process of imagining and building the structures we inhabit are in the midst of a monumental change. Kirk Teske, HKS’s chief sustainability officer, talks with internationally recognized architect, author, educator, energy expert and visionary Ed Mazria. And, Eduardo Egea shares his thoughts on how universal healthcare coverage is affecting healthcare design in Latin America in “Around the World.”


HKS INNOVATE 2011 dives into project management. John Hutchings, principal/project manager, shares his experience working abroad in Iraq. “Project Management: The Back Story” and “Project Management around the Globe” also are featured, providing a glimpse into the world of project managers. “Where the Red Carpet Meets the Red Line” offers a look at the project management challenges involved in integrating a transit station with the luxurious W Hollywood Hotel. “Extreme Collaboration” discusses how the combination of lean design and integrated project delivery provides a concept for team building and encourages a more efficient and collaborative process.


Design is celebrated in the HKS INNOVATE 2010 issue. “On the Boards” provides a snapshot of the creative process, featuring some of HKS’s most innovative design projects – a convention center in China, a military medical center in Qatar and cancer center in Dubai. We then take a look at a number of award-winning designs including Re:Vision Dallas, Cliffhanger Hotel and a unique comprehensive cancer center. We also had the distinct honor of interviewing Tom Kelley, general manager with IDEO, to talk about how design affects everything around us and will continue to be pivotal in today’s society. 

HKS INNOVATE Fall/Winter 2009

In this issue of INNOVATE, we celebrate the opening of America’s stadium – Cowboys.  We had the opportunity to interview Robert Ivy, editor-in-chief of Architectural Record, to discuss the past and the anticipated future of our profession. We also take a look at learning both in and out of the classroom with learning environment specialist Terry Hajuk. And, we investigate how to design green healthcare projects without breaking the bank. 

HKS INNOVATE Spring/Summer 2009

This issue presents many exciting features, including “‘Jersey Boys’ – The Greatest Story Never Told (Until Now),” an interview with “Jersey Boys” co-author and playwright Rick Elice and Steven Ehrenberg, vice president of technical production for BASE Entertainment, the promoters of the show. Also included is “Montage Beverly Hills Debuts,”a profile of the new Montage Beverly Hills; “Design From the Brand Out,” a discussion on trends in sports branding; and an overview of HKS’s Clinical Solutions & Research Group. 

HKS INNOVATE Fall/Winter 2008

This issue of INNOVATE features an interview with renowned developer Craig Hall, a profile of the recently opened Lucas Oil Stadium, a discussion on new trends in education design, and an overview of HKS Hill Glazier Studio following the 2007 merger. Our “Design Green Details” section is dedicated exclusively to our recent green efforts and “On the Boards” features Danat Al Emarat, a unique hospital design inspired by the local culture and landscape. “Letters from London” is a series by Paul Hyett in our London office, focusing on HKS’s global design efforts.

HKS General Brochure – English

HKS, Inc. is a leading architectural design firm ranked among the top six architectural engineering firms, according to Building Design+Construction magazine. Since its founding in 1939, HKS has completed construction projects totaling more than $75 billion in more than 1,263 cities located in 80 countries. The firm operates from 27 offices worldwide. This brochure provides background information on HKS and beautifully highlights the firm’s office buildings, healthcare, sports and entertainment, commercial interiors, sustainability and hospitality projects.

HKS General Brochure – Simplified Chinese

根据美国《建筑设计和施工》(Building Design+Construction) 杂志报道,HKS, Inc. 是位列世界五大建筑工程公司内的主要建筑设计事务所。自建立于 1939 年以来,HKS 在遍及全球 80 个国家超过 1, 263个城市内竣工的建筑项目总价值已逾 750 亿美元。事务所通过位于全球的 27个办事处实施运营。本手册提供了有关 HKS 的背景资料并彰显了该事务所参与的众多办公楼宇项目、商业楼宇、医疗保健、饭店和度假村、体育和娱乐设施、教育和公共建筑、室内设计和航空建筑等项目。

HKS General Brochure – Traditional Chinese

根據美國《建築設計和施工》(Building Design+Construction) 雜誌報導,HKS, Inc. 是位列世界五大建築工程公司內的主要建築設計事務所。自建立於 1939 年以來,HKS 在遍及全球 80 個國家超過 1, 263個城市內竣工的建築項目總價值已逾 750 億美元。事務所通過位於全球的 27 個辦事處實施運營。本手冊提供了有關 HKS 的背景資料並彰顯了該事務所參與的眾多辦公樓宇項目、商業樓宇、醫療保健、飯店和度假村、體育和娛樂設施、教育和公共建築、室內設計和航空建築等專案。

HKS General Brochure – Traditional Chinese

根據美國《建築設計和施工》(Building Design+Construction) 雜誌報導,HKS, Inc. 是位列世界五大建築工程公司內的主要建築設計事務所。自建立於 1939 年以來,HKS 在遍及全球 80 個國家超過 1, 263個城市內竣工的建築項目總價值已逾 750 億美元。事務所通過位於全球的 27 個辦事處實施運營。本手冊提供了有關 HKS 的背景資料並彰顯了該事務所參與的眾多辦公樓宇項目、商業樓宇、醫療保健、飯店和度假村、體育和娛樂設施、教育和公共建築、室內設計和航空建築等專案。