Wicker, Smith, O’Hara, McCoy & Ford, P.A.
Orlando, Florida
Wicker, Smith, O'Hara, McCoy & Ford, P.A.
Orlando, Florida

Traditional law offices begone. Forward thinking reigns. That’s what it takes to transform a space into something with a more modern aesthetic, open floor plan and flexible meeting areas. The result – a total makeover that supports efficient operations, comfortable work environments, staff areas to rejuvenate and welcoming spaces for clients and visitors.

Guests are greeted in an open reception area and benefit from a newly configured, three-room conference center. Employee spaces provide efficient, yet comfortable, work environments and areas to revive, including an elegant employee lounge. Reusing some components, combined with new sustainable finishes, enabled reduction of the carbon footprint of the renovation.

The Vision

Wicker Smith’s goal is to provide legal services of exceptional quality to their clients. It was important that their physical office environment reflected that vision, not only for their clients but also for their employees. Specializing in complex litigation, Wicker Smith also made it a priority to provide flexible conference environments for their clients that offered comfort and privacy.

The Design

The design was based on the concept of dark versus light. The legal research process often begins with great challenges or darkness, which through the discovery and research phase, brings lightness and logical resolution to each case. The concept is conveyed through intricate ceiling details, dynamic lighting plays of light and shadow, and dramatic finish and color contrasts throughout the space. Clad in textural linear porcelain, the feature wall in the reception area creates a stepping stone of light that appears brighter as it reaches the ceiling, giving clients a sense of confidence and trust in the firm. Other important design features include a three-room conference center that enables private one-on-one meetings as well as multiple-party litigations. Conference rooms may be easily reconfigured to accommodate a wide variety of functions.