Minnesota Multipurpose Stadium Concept
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minnesota Multipurpose
Stadium Concept
Minneapolis, Minnesota

With our concept for the Minnesota Multipurpose Stadium, LINE approaches the project as an opportunity to reimagine an event center experience from the perspective of the different users.

Given the context, both geodetically and climatically, we approach the project in terms of light filtration. The client aspired to an operable roof to allow natural lighting into the space, but given the climatic concerns of the region, we opted for a clerestory system, created through the mirroring of ribbons across the short axis of the playing field.

In addition, the direction of the trusses and openings allows for an unobstructed view to the city beyond, with operable ETFE walls, allowing the field to completely open up to the exterior. Built into the clerestory, a voronoi pattern of structure was utilized to enhance the structural stability of the mullions between the ETFE pillows.