University of Houston Cougar Village Housing
Houston, Texas
University of Houston
Cougar Village Housing
Houston, Texas

Home. In college, it’s dynamic, perpetual. And for students, it’s unfamiliar. But home is a place where a student should feel comfortable. Relaxed. Focused. It should be a place to socialize with fellow classmates, build a strong community, and develop skills needed after graduation. Our goal wasn’t to build a college living facility, it was to build a home.

The Cougar Village Phase I is an on-campus residence hall that houses nearly 1,200 students. It is an early adopter of creating a live/learn community on a university campus.

The Design

The live/learn community is fostered by incorporating mixed-use program space on the ground floor. Large open spaces that are flexible can be used for a variety of academic, social and community functions. The ground floor also contains the common support areas including the administration office, common lounge, multi-purpose rooms, laundry, fitness center, mechanical/electrical rooms and a convenience store. The project includes six floors of living units above the ground floor, with two active lounges and four quiet lounges per floor.