Salford Royal Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Hope Building
Salford, United Kingdom
Salford Royal Hospitals
NHS Foundation Trust Hope Building
Salford, United Kingdom

Hope. For a family, it means the possibility of seeing a loved one again. For a patient, it means a restored sense of confidence, a strengthening of will. But for a hospital, it means hard work. Providing the best care available, with the most knowledgeable staff and the facilitation of recovery. To do so, a hospital must have modern facilities with space and areas to accommodate specific needs.

The Hope Building provides leading specialist medical facilities within a landmark building of major civic importance for the City of Salford. Salford Royal’s major new hospital wing is home to 242 beds, including a 55-bed Emergency Assessment Unit, a 32- bed Critical Care Unit and new facilities for Renal, Intestinal Failure and Urology Services. Additional facilities such as a mortuary, pharmacy and education and training are provided within the Mayo Building, a new education facility for staff.

The Hope Building focuses on the well-being of the patient and family, faster recovery time, support care and providing private treatment facilities. The scheme includes a holistic approach to the building and interior space by fully integrating the architectural design, landscape design, interior design and art strategy which resulted in simpler and more-legible.

The Vision

The main objective of this project was to replace the hospital’s Victorian wards with new, fit-for-purpose facilities and create a cohesive healthcare campus based around a robust development control plan. The Consort team explored the concepts of the Public Sector Comparator (PSC) but decided that a more radical approach was necessary if the full potential of the site was to be utilized. 

The Design

The solution included a larger amount of new building than the PSC anticipated, but this meant that there was an overall reduction to the build programme, disruption to clinical services and the amount of decanting necessary.


  • The location selected for the new facility drew the building from the centre of the site to face the street, serving as a wayfinding marker to guide people more easily onto and through the campus.
  • The interior design brings a fresh, edgy and clean approach reflecting the state-of-the-art treatment provided. It is a patient-focused medical facility offering patients, staff and visitors a strong sense of place and care. 
  • The new facilities at Salford provide accommodation for a number of specialist facilities to supplement the existing acute facilities that were to be retained.