RadioShack Riverfront Campus
Fort Worth, Texas
Riverfront Campus
Fort Worth, Texas

Employee performance is directly influenced by their environment. Technology. Sustainability. Designing spaces built to boost productivity and happiness as well as health and well-being. All of these complex ideas come together in a space that is overwhelmingly simple.

In 2001, RadioShack executives decided to investigate alternatives to their two high-rise buildings. The goal was to develop a corporate headquarters that would cater to their business needs, the needs of employees and especially, the needs of the community.

The result was establishment of the RadioShack Riverfront Campus, which gives downtown Fort Worth a new and distinctive landmark. The building’s indoor environmental quality is designed to provide a healthy environment for employees and visitors alike, with its carbon dioxide monitoring system, ventilation effectiveness and individualized thermal controls. 

The Vision

The facility design took into consideration the natural elements surrounding the area. Building materials were chosen based on a percentage of recycled content as well as indigenous properties, which contributed to minimizing construction costs while also saving the environment. The indoor facility offers a healthy environment for both employees and visitors. It contains a carbon dioxide monitoring system, ventilation effectiveness and individualized thermal controls. Additionally, low-emitting VOC paints, carpets and woods are used throughout the facility to reduce exposure to toxins.

The Design

RadioShack Riverfront Campus is a LEED-Silver certified building. Part of the Trinity Uptown project, the corporate campus transforms 37 acres of previously blighted development and restores the existing natural area along the Trinity River floodplain. More than 84 percent of demolition and project construction waste was recycled or diverted from landfills. The building’s interior provides a flexible, healthy environment through low-VOC construction and higher fresh air ratios in under-floor air distribution. This feature provides individualized thermal controls for occupants, and enables the demountable partitions and modular furniture to be reconfigured without compromising indoor air quality.

The interior design of RadioShack’s campus incorporates the latest in workplace strategies to facilitate the change in their culture (combining multiple locations into one campus) and work processes, thus enabling its employees to be more productive in the new space.

The new workspace standards, which include individual workstations (“me” spaces) and group spaces (“we” spaces), were created, tested in an Ideas Lab, revised and then retested before implementation in the new campus. These new standards not only reduced the workstation footprint by two sizes but also made it so that workstations were outfitted within a universal footprint using a kit-of-parts philosophy to accommodate the employee’s specific work style.

“Like our management philosophy, our building is designed to be very open and inviting. In our prior headquarters building, we had 23 entrances. Today, every employee enters through one entrance that we call ‘Main Street.’ ”
|  David Edmondson, President and Chief Operating Officer, RadioShack   |