RadioShack Riverfront Campus
Fort Worth, Texas
RadioShack Riverfront Campus
Fort Worth, Texas

Innovation. It’s not just about products and technology. It’s about the people and places behind it. The workplace should have an inviting and contemporary atmosphere. One that encompasses all of its members in one unified building. A place that promotes innovation and creativity while being intertwined with the greater community.

The management of RadioShack, the leading corporate citizen of Fort Worth, Texas, decided to replace its outdated facility with one that is more responsive to business needs. To do so, the project’s vision was to create not only a landmark headquarters facility, but also to stay connected to the community by building downtown on a bluff overlooking the Trinity Riverfront. This reconnects the building with the historic past and serves as a catalyst for the ambitious Trinity Uptown renewal plan, redefining the waterfront, an amenity for the people of Fort Worth.

The Vision

The signature retail store was designed to be representative of technology and the products, while incorporating unifying language from the balance of the project materials, such as glass and metal panels, to yield a more modern expression. 

The Design

The buildings incorporated sustainable design elements found in downtown Fort Worth, the stockyards and throughout the region such as brick, native limestone and metal shading devices. On the north side overlooking the river, there is extensive use of Low-e glass to take advantage of the expansive panorama of the river. A variety of outdoor spaces have been created, including a deck on each office floor to allow employees to stay even more connected with the riverfront. Reflecting the nautical origins of the “radio shack” built atop seafaring vessels, the commons building becomes the prow of the ship, jutting out over the waterfront and the entry rotunda – a light house “beacon” announcing its presence and reaching out to the riverfront and the future.

Main Street
In addition to connectivity to the community, the project was planned around a Main Street Concept for employees to access amenities such as fitness and dining, and provides collaboration opportunities for employees. 

RadioShack Riverfront Campus is a LEED-Silver certified building. A component of the Trinity Uptown project, the corporate campus transforms 37 acres of previously blighted  development and restores the existing natural area along the Trinity River floodplain. More than 84 percent of the demolition and project construction waste was recycled or diverted from landfills. The building’s interior provides a flexible, healthy environment through low-VOC construction and higher fresh air ratios in under-floor air distribution. This feature provides individualized thermal controls for occupants, and enables the demountable partitions and modular furniture to be reconfigured without compromising indoor air quality.

“Like our management philosophy, our building is designed to be very open and inviting. In our prior headquarters building, we had 23 entrances. Today, every employee enters through one entrance that we call ‘Main Street.”
|  David Edmondson, President and Chief Operating Officer, RadioShack   |