Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation Customer Center
Irving, Texas
Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation
Customer Center
Irving, Texas

Responsive. Collaborative. Flexible. That is what a work environment needs to be to allow for individual work spaces and areas that encourage lively collaboration. The sight, sound and feel of a space all combine to create a work space that promotes a cohesive work environment supportive of employees and the brand.

Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation Customer Center sits on a 17-acre lot, adjacent to Nissan’s South Central Regional office, service training facility and parts distribution center. The building creates a campus environment with areas for interactions including a fitness center, coffee bars, team spaces, and pre-function spaces to help support and enhance a collaborative work environment. Interaction between Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation’s staff and the dealer organization in meetings, as well as in the cafeteria and collaborative work spaces within the building, help mold the various entities involved in the purchasing process into a cohesive unit which ultimately, reinforces the brand

The Vision

The primary objective of the design and planning of the office area was to enhance internal communication, promote employee productivity and to attract and retain the most highly qualified employees. Thus, it was important to Nissan’s Customer Center that the interior spaces provide a high level of flexibility to respond to organizational changes, while also reducing the impact of personnel relocation. Open office systems were incorporated to promote collaborative work-type settings and disrupt the rigid order of workstations.

The incorporation and continued use of modular office systems in conjunction with appropriate circulation, acoustics, ceiling systems, window coverings, lighting, flooring systems and office finishes contribute to creating an environment that is lively and caters to employee needs.


The Design

The office space utilizes a spine-based planning concept in the workstation spaces. Each floor of the building includes a centrally located coffee/break room, and conferencing and team space. Employee well-being was also an important component of the facility’s amenities; incorporation of an onsite fitness center is available to employees who wish to use their break for exercise.