King Hussein Cancer Center
Amman, Jordan
King Hussein Cancer Center
Amman, Jordan

Healing. It is the most gratifying of all human experiences. Coping with cancer isn’t just a visit to the doctor’s office. It’s a journey. It involves researchers. Physicians. Families. A community. A space must be a destination of hope. Of health. And ultimately, of healing.

Inspired to serve the needs of a nation by the long-distance cancer journey of their sovereign leader, the King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) brings an iconic healing destination close to home. The design embodies a dynamic balance of strong contextual influences, bolstering the reputation of the center as the premier, regional destination for the treatment and research of cancer. Responding to dramatic contrasts of the surrounding region, the architecture, interiors and landscape reflect environment, climate, geography and culture. For the people of Jordan, the cancer center will offer the most advanced cancer technology available to date. It is envisioned to be a healing environment for the mind, body and spirit addressing the full range of medical, psychological and social issues associated with cancer care.

The Vision

To elevate architecture and interior design to align with world-class medical care and express the brand message of this vibrant specialized healing destination.

The Design

Experiencing KHCC: 

  • Rising as a distinctive landmark, KHCC is connected deeply to city and regional context. Tower meets sky with subtly faceted forms, illuminated to express precious lives within.
  • Architecture meets land with the confidence of simple solid geometry of the Amman stone plinth, recognizing heights and horizontal solid massing of surrounding buildings. Diagonal patterns inside and out convey vibrancy of human life in a dynamic healing journey.
  • Tower, bridges and pathways are transformed at night as illuminated beacons of hope and strength for the people of Jordan. Throughout the patient-family journey, the strong solid and multifaceted architectural vocabulary is recalled and reinterpreted at appropriate scales to create a seamless experience.
  • At each encounter, forms, materials, color, light and patterns inspire, embrace, soothe, invite, honor and nurture the people of Jordan. Jordanian life merges inside and out with a balance of cultural privacy expectations and healing human, natural and urban connections. 
  • Patient spaces have familiar comforts and privacy of modern home life in Jordan. Activity spaces engage young patients, siblings and parents and accommodate large families as integral to the culture of care in the region.

“We went through a rigorous process of selecting the architectural firm to design an iconic state-of-the-art expansion of King Hussein Cancer Center. We were impressed with the wealth of experience of the HKS team. Their total American experience in healthcare design, their vast experience in renovating and building new healthcare facilities, their ability to integrate hospitality into healthcare, their detailed medical planning meetings and their accommodative and understanding approach to deliver the vision of the KHCC team have confirmed our initial impression of HKS. We are so pleased with HKS and we strongly recommend them without any hesitation.”
|  Dr. Mahmoud M. Sarhan, MD, MMM, CPE, CEO/Director General, King Hussein Cancer Center   |