Kaiser Permanente Gwinnett Comprehensive Care Center
Duluth, Georgia
Kaiser Permanente
Gwinnett Comprehensive Care Center
Duluth, Georgia

When you go to the doctor at a critical moment, you don’t need to be intimidated; you need to know that everything is going to be okay. You need a health center that embodies the type of care you need in a comfortable, personable environment.

Creating meaningful moments and a sequence of key experiences for each of its members is paramount at Kaiser Permanente Gwinnett Comprehensive Care Center. The promise of this great brand is to create a total health environment and deliver it at the Duluth, Georgia and every location in order to evoke positive emotional experiences without leaving details to chance. The facility earned LEED Silver Certification under NC v2009.

The Vision

A total health environment designed as a sequence of key experiences:

  • Distance read: Create easy identification of the campus from several blocks away
  • Site orientation: Support intuitive wayfinding
  • Parking: Provide a convenient, efficient parking experience that is also pleasant and safe
  • Drop-off and pick-up: Provide a safe, comfortable accommodation for easy access.
  • Entry exterior: Enhance the outdoor experience and provide a lively, dynamic and enjoyable journey to the building entry
  • Approaching entry: Provide a welcoming experience that orients and informs members and visitors as they continue their journey
  • Check-in: create a positive encounter as members begin their personal and private care experience
  • Staff spaces: Provide respite, recharge and connection opportunities
  • Waiting: Redefine waiting as an active process by supporting work, respite, education or play
  • Outdoor spaces: Create environments that provide escape, respite and inspiration
  • Café: Redefine the cafeteria to a café to support family, communication, connectivity and escape
  • Retail and amenities: Highlight Kaiser Permanente member resources for Pharmacy, Vision Essentials and Healthy Living
  • Exam room: Support the patient-physician encounter by providing comfort, privacy and personal control in the care environment
  • Guest room: Create a calm environment that balances emotional and physical patient needs with clinical care
  • Doctor’s office: Provide respite, recharge and connection opportunities
  • Design resources: Create on-brand standards that integrate an enhanced aesthetic appeal with function, durability, maintenance, sustainability, safety and cost containment

The Design

Integrating Kaiser Permanente Brand Standards
Portal concept: The orthogonal framing feature is reiterated and reinterpreted at different scales to announce a significant encounter in each person’s journey as they approach and walk into the facility. The portals mark transition points from the public street to site drive, from vehicular to pedestrian travel, and the threshold between outdoor and indoor experiences. The white and silver portals emerge as a reinforcement of the promise of a familiar, consistent healthcare experience.