Camelback Ranch
Glendale, Arizona
Camelback Ranch
Glendale, Arizona

Baseball fans live and breathe the sport. They want to experience it all. From day one of training to game seven of the World Series, they crave access and information. To feed their love of the game, why not build a facility that provides them with a one-of-a-kind experience through unique and meaningful design?

For die-hard baseball fans, the spring training experience is not just an event – it’s a total lifestyle, a multi-day baseball feast that offers fans an opportunity to get up close and personal with their favorite team.

Since the earliest days of baseball, camps were utilitarian in nature and focused almost entirely on the task of baseball training. Our approach was to not only create the finest baseball training environment, but to create a very special place for the fans that enhances the magic of the spring training experience.

Camelback Ranch serves as the training home of both the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago White Sox.

The Vision and Design

Camelback Ranch is the first Major League Baseball Spring Training facility in the Cactus League to incorporate a ballpark and training facility within a park-like setting. The entire complex is envisioned as a lushly landscaped, fan-friendly destination that has an atmosphere of openness and transparency. Fans are encouraged to stroll around the two-acre lake, catch a pre-game concert at the centerfield entry waterside bandstand or get close to their favorite big league player for an autograph.

The architecture was the first to truly reflect the Southwestern desert vernacular of natural forms and colors of the Desert Valley and incorporate them into a spring training facility in Arizona’s Cactus League. The campus buildings are composed of native stone, weathered metal and warm-colored concrete, and arranged to take full advantage of and frame surrounding vistas. Their angular asymmetrical forms appear to rise from the desert floor, like the mountains that encircle the site.

The campus is configured such that the main stadium and a future resort hotel will bookend a two-acre lake and adjacent training facilities. The lake and lush landscape are a welcome oasis not found in any other spring training complex and serves the dual purpose of site feature and source of irrigation for the landscape and practice fields. Multiple campus entry points link meandering decomposed granite pedestrian pathways that encourage fans to move freely through and around the campus leading to a unique main entry located in center field.

“Camelback Ranch is almost perfect, offering fun, sun and relaxation at friendly prices, plus ambience and amenities even Dodger Stadium can't match.”
|  Bill Plaschke, LA Times   |
“Camelback Ranch manages to pack its long list of features into a whole that is very clearly pitched to the experience, and the vantage point, of fans. It offers many of the modest pleasures that make the average Cactus League game so much more rewarding, dollar for dollar, than a visit to the typical big-league facility.”
|  Christopher Hawthorne, LA Times   |
“Perhaps the most unique ballpark to open since Camden Yards (yes, it's that transcendent), Camelback Ranch officially began to wow fans on March 1, 2009 when its two tenants, the Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers, played the inaugural game at the $100 million complex named after the property it was built on.”
|  Graham Knight, Baseball Pilgrimages   |