Blue Man Theatre at the Venetian
Las Vegas, Nevada
Blue Man Theatre
at the Venetian
Las Vegas, Nevada

Engage. Then amaze. A theatre isn’t just where a show takes place; it should be a part of the show. The show begins the moment they walk in, and the venue must be as spectacular as those who perform within it.

 A feeling of “bluephoria” has taken over The Venetian, where the wildly popular Blue Man Group began performances. The avant-garde and extremely popular trio is now performing nightly in a 1,760-seat, state-of-the-art theatre built especially for the spectacular show, allowing the troupe to incorporate exciting and new elements.

The Vision

The Blue Man Theatre was developed to stand out from typical Vegas venues, creating an atmosphere that is intimate and makes the audience feel engaged with what is happening on- stage. Furthermore, the visual performance and acoustics enhance the user experience by bringing to life the fun, vibrant and comedic nature of the show.

The Design

The Blue Man Group is one of the most popular shows on the planet. It combines music, comedy and multimedia theatrics to create a comedic, visually stunning and completely unique form of entertainment. In 2005, the first 1,760-seat, state-of-the-art, Blue Man Group-specific theatre opened at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas. The structure and design of the theatre provide an intimate feel for both the audience and performers. The lighting positions are user-friendly and the audience maintains a great view of the stage regardless of seating assignments. This intimate setting combined with exceptional theatre acoustics make the Blue Man Group a unique and memorable experience for all who view it.