Avon Cosmetics European Headquarters
Northampton, United Kingdom
Avon Cosmetics European Headquarters
Northampton, United Kingdom

Confidence. It’s at the heart of the beauty industry. Revitalizing a sense of confidence to build relationships and succeed in and out of the workplace. It’s an industry creating and maintaining assuredness. And in the corporate setting, that confidence must be represented.

The new 10,200-square-meters regional headquarters for Avon Cosmetics located in Northhampton, United Kingdom is a consolidation of several disparate buildings into a singular office building that is sustainable and supports flexible, innovative modern working practices. With operations under one roof, the project yields a creative, dynamic workplace for employees and provides all the amenities to support long-term staff retention and successful recruitment for the corporation. The consolidation of the real estate into a central building also contributes to a reduction in the company’s carbon footprint through long-term reduction in energy consumption and lower-impact maintenance regimes. 

The Vision

Management at Avon desired a building in which they could manage and maintain operations in a style that was both efficient and secure, yet also promote an improved and cohesive work culture. Avon’s commitment to attracting, retaining and developing skilled employees and developing a work environment where the health and well-being of employees is of utmost importance, greatly influenced the overall design process. As part of that process, Avon gave employees the opportunity to participate in visioning and engagement sessions that resulted in a more productive and motivated workforce, thus allowing Avon to expand its regional status as a major employer.

The Design

The prestigious new headquarters sits proudly on the River Nene, a well-connected location, ideal for the needs of Avon serving its wide customer base. It is designed to reflect Avon’s status as the world’s largest direct-selling beauty company and to enhance its core brand values in attracting, retaining and motivating employees. The workplace solution was expressed with all open plan and collaborative work settings with flexible floor plates conducive to reorganization and reconfiguration for the future. 

Organizing Element
The project is organized around a central atrium providing natural light as well as a wayfinding element that is clear and legible at each floor. The central atrium also serves as an interactive space where employees may find the project’s amenities such as a restaurant, a cafe, a history room, the company shop and conference and training suites. 

The design incorporates branding elements for the cosmetics company throughout the project.  Supergraphics were utilized in the lobby space as not only branding tools but also wayfinding elements.

“Our new building creates an environment which has instilled a new sense of pride in our employees. You can sense the energy and buzz that is created by having an open plan office helping to build relationships and engagement. We are very proud of our new building which enables our UK and European business colleagues to work together under the same roof for
the first time.”
|  Carole Stronach, Senior Manager, Global Real Estate, Avon Cosmetics   |